Private Kids Parties


Our Space:

The unique space of ChildSpace provides a fun environment for private kids parties. Our space is suitable for kids ages 2 - 12, but feel free to check it out if you have younger kids.

We offer a 2000 sq. ft. space with playroom, exercise room and a kitchen area.

Due to our schedule space is available for private kids parties from 2pm on Saturday  through Sunday evening. Please reserve your event with us at least one month ahead of your scheduled date.


Rental Includes:

Use of space for as many hours as you need.

Our staff will be present on site during your party hours to perform sign in procedure, respond to your questions/needs and check the premises conditions before you vacate.

Space Rental Rules and Regulations: 

All party renters and their guest must comply with all of the following policies and procedures of ChildSpace Learning Center.

The policies, procedures and agreement may be amended at the ChildSpace sole discretion.

Rental Rates:

$150 per hour for the party of up to 10 kids.

Additional children - $11 per child with 20 kids maximum.

Payment/Cancellation Policies:

We require a $100 deposit along with this signed contract to reserve your date – please make checks payable to ChildSpace and mail/drop off to 2721 Mt Vernon Avenue Alexandria VA 22301.

Deposits are refundable only if cancellation is made at least 14 days prior to the scheduled event. Parties cancelled within the 13 days or less to your party date can be rescheduled within 90 days and no refund will be given after 90 days pass.

It is your responsibility to contact ChildSpace within one week of the party to confirm the number of guests attending.

Forms of Payment Accepted:

We accept cash, checks and credit cards. If you prefer to pay with a credit card 2.9% credit card processing fee will be applied. Returned check fee is $50.

Party Rules: 

A maximum of 20 kids are allowed to attend.

All attendees may be asked to take their shoes off inside the space.


Food and Drinks: 

PLEASE NOTE: Food and drinks are only allowed in the downstairs area of our space, only water allowed on the main floor. NO alcoholic beverages are allowed on premises. 

Damage and Cleaning:

Any excessive damage done to ChildSpace Learning Center or its property will be billed to the renter for either replacement or repair.

Any excessive mess at the determination of the staff  left by children or adults resulting in extra cleaning of the space will result in extra $100 cleaning fee billed to the renter. While ChildSpace cleans and sanitizes its toys, property, and bathrooms on a daily basis, all guest must insure that they dispose of waste materials such as diapers, paper towels and trash in the correct receptacles provided. The space should be left as you found it.

Personal Property:

ChildSpace is not responsible for the personal belongings. It is the sole responsibility of each person entering the facility to be responsible for all belongings. Under no circumstances ChildSpace will take responsibility for any lost, missing or stolen personal property/belongings.


Renter and parents of invited children are completely responsible for the well being and behavior of their children while on premises of ChildSpace.

Be sure to have support (adults) to assist you in running your party safely and smoothly. We recommend a 1 to 8 ratio of adults to children.

Renter and parents of invited children are responsible for redirecting inappropriate play and/or behavior.


Sign In/Out Procedure:

You will be allowed to enter the facility at your scheduled party time. ChildSpace staff will sign in your guests.

You are expected to vacate the premises no more than 5 minutes after your party is over. A staff member will be checking over the facility before you vacate to determine the condition of the space left.


Please contact us to book our beautiful space for your kids party.